What services are included in interior design?

Interior designers provide a wide range of residential and commercial interior design services. Though these two sectors are different, interior designers provide them with very similar services. Read about the services included in interior design below:


Space planning

There is a lot more to space planning than you’d think. Space planning requires the interior designer to understand the purpose of the room, what areas of the room will be used for what activities and how foot traffic will flow through the room.


Furniture planning

Furniture planning comes after space planning. Once the space has a plan, furniture is added to that plan. The furniture is planned according to the dimensions of the room and the most logical, yet aesthetically pleasing, arrangement of said furniture.


Pricing, purchase and installation

It is part of the interior design process for the designer to research furniture, art, lighting, bedding and so much more. They must find items that suit the space, the colour scheme and the style of the room at a reasonable price. they must then purchase these items and oversee their installation.


Soft finishes

The soft finishes are the fabrics and furniture. From the duvet on your bed to the throw pillows on your couch, each little element is a part of the interior design service. The choice of colour, fabric and style is all left up to the designer. They will use these elements to create a functional and attractive space.


Hard finishes

The hard finishes consist of the electrical, flooring, plumbing, paint and more. The services included in interior design includes the seeking out of the necessary tradesmen (plumbers, electrician, etc.) and hiring them to install the hard finishes in a home.

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