What is interior design?

Have you ever thought about what interior design is? If you are inside a room, have a look around you. Every shape, line, texture, light, colour and other element is part of the interior design. There is a lot of skill and knowledge that is needed for interior design. Read more about interior design and the skills needed to become a designer:


What is it?

Interior design is a combination of art and psychology. It is more than just positioning some furniture and choosing the right colours. The designer oversees a long and complex process that will eventually lead to a beautiful and functional final product. Interior design is the process of taking an ordinary space and turning it into something extraordinary by balancing the use of 7 elements; space, form, texture, light, lines, colour and patterns. The interior design of the room must not only be aesthetically pleasing, it must also be functional. This is done through space planning – a design technique used to understand how the room will be used and how foot traffic will flow through the area.



For someone to work well in the field of interior design, they must have certain skills. The first, and most obvious of these skills is creativity. Interior design is a creative process which requires a person to have creative thinking skills. They should also be detail oriented and should be able to visualise the space and designs that would work well in the room’s interior. Though, the job is not all about creativity and artistic skills, the individual must also have problem solving skills. These skills are necessary for keeping the project flowing, even when there are speedbumps along the way, to ensure it is completed within a certain timeframe and budget.

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