What are the most important factors when designing a room?

Designing a room is a complex task. There are many factors to consider in order to create an aesthetically pleasing functional space. From the planning stages to the implementation every little factor within the design process matters. Here are the most important factors to consider when designing a room:



The first factor is part of the planning stages of designing a room and it requires the designer to look at the purpose of that room. Is the room going to be a bedroom that needs to be relaxing and cosy? Is it going to be a lounge area that will have a lot of foot traffic? Or, is it going to be a private office that favours functionality over comfort? Once the purpose has been deciphered, the designer can then consider the other factors.



The style of the room is the deciding factor in the choice of a room’s elements, such as the style of the lighting and furniture. The designer needs to know whether the room must be traditional, modern, eclectic or another style before they can continue the designing process.



Designing should not take place before the creation of a budget. The designer will need to work with the architects to create a space that fits the budget of the client while still meeting their needs. The purpose and style of the space will allow the designer to create a budget relative to the requirements of the room, such as furniture, space and lighting needed.



An important factor in the process of designing a room is lighting. The style and type of lighting varies according to the style and purpose of the room. Kitchens usually require bright white lighting while bathrooms and bedrooms regularly use warm orange lighting. The style may vary from chandeliers, to built-in lights, to lights with fans and so on.





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