What are the 8 key interior design styles?

There are many styles of design that have come and gone throughout the years, but a few have stuck around because of their timeless style. Here are 8 key interior design styles:



The Nordic countries offered the snowy mountains that inspired the Scandinavian design style. This style of interior design is easily achieved with the use of texture, such as wool, and clean lines. This look gives a home a cosy feeling.



If you’re a fan of exposed brick and metal fittings, the industrial interior design style might be the one for you. The brick and metal may create a cold feeling, so be sure to add statement lights and art to create a warm and lived space.


Mid-century modern

The post-war era of the 50’s and 60’s brought about this interior design style. Blues, greens, rusty metals, wood and clean lines are all characteristics of this timeless style. This style is easily achieved, and it is affordable.



The coastal interior design style, also referred to as nautical, is a beach centred theme. This style uses glass accessories, sandy and blue colours and a lot of natural light to create a warm and breezy feeling throughout the home.



The eclectic interior design style is all about breaking the rules and being as carefree as possible. This style is created by borrowing ideas from many different interior design trends and styles. Show your personally with blends of colour, texture and patterns.



The minimalist interior design style is relatively new. Minimalistic spaces use empty space as a statement. The idea of this style is to create an aesthetic space by focussing on natural forms by reducing the use of furniture and using colour sparingly.




The vintage style is not the old-fashioned style that you’d picture. Vintage interior design can be charming or edgy, depending on the vintage pieces that you use. The key to a beautiful vintage interior is the avoidance of clutter.



The contemporary interior design style is an evolving style. This is an exciting style as the modern look will progress with what is popular at a certain time. The current contemporary style is characterised by clean and spacious interiors.

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