Tips and tricks for your home interior design

Design a home interior that speaks to your needs and creates a great first impression. Interior design can be used in so many ways to create a beautiful, unique and harmonious space. Here are a few tips and tricks for your home interior design:


Use line for height

Line is one of the key elements of interior design. Lines can be used in many ways to create interesting spaces. Make use of vertical lines in areas of your home such as your kitchen, foyer and lounge area to establish the look and feel of high ceilings.


Play with layouts

There are a few areas of your home that should stay in the same place, such as bathrooms and the kitchen. Though, there are no rules dictating where your lounge, spare room and other rooms should be on your floor plan. Pick and choose where you would prefer certain rooms be in your home layout.


Consider open plan

Open plan homes are in and the impact is bigger than ever! Using an open plan design can make your home seem much larger than it is. Common areas included in an open floor plan are the living room, dining room and kitchen.


Go green

Eco-friendly designs are very popular for interior design. Lighting, furniture and other accessories come in eco-friendly options for your household. Lighting such as LED lights are sustainable and cost-effective as they do not use as much energy.


Add contrasting textures

Texture is another key interior design element that should be used in your home. Contrasting range from rough to soft materials and from visible to actual texture. Add contrasting textures in your homes interior design to create interest.

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