The interior design process

There are many stages in the interior design process. First, the clients and the designer meet. Next, the planning begins. The third stage is the purchasing stage. Stage four is the implementation and stage 5 is the result. Each stage plays a significant role in the interior design process.


Meeting the clients

The first stage of the interior design process is when the designer and the clients meet to go over the specifications of the project. The clients will discuss their budget, the purpose of each space, and time constraints with the designer. The purpose of the meeting is to come to a mutual understanding of the outcome of the project.



The planning and design stages are the stages in which the designer create space and furniture plans for each room. These plans are specific to the requirements of each room; the activities that occur in the room and the estimated foot traffic. The planning stage will need to be confirmed and signed off by clients before continuing to the next stage.



Stage three is all about purchasing items for the home. This includes hard and soft elements. The soft elements refer to the furniture, bedding and decorative elements. The hard finishes including other elements such as plumbing and electrical work. Each element that is purchased must first be quoted and the quote must be approved by the client.



The implementation stage of the interior design process involves the placement of furniture and installation of other elements. The designer will oversee all site activity to ensure that the elements are installed correctly, and that no furniture is damaged before or during placement.



The final stage of the interior design process is the result. The final touches are made, all the equipment is packed away, the rooms are cleaned, and the final product is revealed to the clients! The process is complete.

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