How does interior design differ from decorating?

Often homeowners will seek the help of professionals when changing their homes’ interior. The question is whether they should seek the help of an interior designer or a decorator. What’s the difference? Read below to find out how interior design and decorating differ:



Decorating is all about the look and feel of a space. Interior decorators are hired to help make a room aesthetically pleasing by use of furnishings, colour schemes and accessories. They can be hired to change the atmosphere of an existing room or to create a mood in a new room. These professionals do not consult with the architects as their assistance is only required when the architecture has already taken place, but rather work with the property owners and other industry professionals that are needed for the creation or revamping of a room, such as upholsterers. One important thing to note is that decorators do not design, but interior designers may dabble in decorating.


Interior design

Interior design is a more personalised task than decorating. Interior design follows a systematic process through which designers create a functional space that speaks to the social and physical context of the room. This requires the designers to have a psychological understanding of behaviour. Interior design requires the designers to work closely with the architects and contractors in order to create a space that suits the clients needs and wants. The interior designers are part of the design process of a room from the beginning stages of drawing up floor plans to placing the final touches – the decoration.

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