5 Elements of interior design

Modern interior design can be broken down into 5 elements. These elements should be used in every room in every home to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that can be used to relax, entertain, create and more.

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The interior design process

There are many stages in the interior design process. First, the clients and the designer meet. Next, the planning begins. The third stage is the purchasing stage. Stage four is the implementation and stage 5 is the result. Each stage plays a significant role in the interior design process.

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10 Decorating tips for your home

Decorating your home is a long and often stressful process. You may find the process of decorating your home slightly difficult if you aren’t sure what you are doing. Here are a few tips and tricks for decorating you home:

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Why use Interior Motives

Interior Motives is an interior design company that has your best interests at heart. We want to give our clients the absolute best with the completion of every interior design project. Here’s why you should choose Interior Motives for all your interior design services:

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What is interior design?

Have you ever thought about what interior design is? If you are inside a room, have a look around you. Every shape, line, texture, light, colour and other element is part of the interior design. There is a lot of skill and knowledge that is needed for interior design. Read more about interior design and the skills needed to become a designer:

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What are the 7 elements of interior design?

Interior design is a creative field where designers turn living spaces into functional and aesthetic homes. This, of course, requires creativity, but there is also a little bit of science behind the magic of interior design. There are 7 elements of interior design that designers use in the planning and application of their projects. Read about them below:

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